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Tree & Shrub Care

Providing Scientific Diagnosis and Treatment Services

The key to Tree & Shrub Care is prevention. By keeping your trees healthy, they can fight off most diseases on their own...saving you a lot of money and keeping your landscape beautiful. Integrity Tree Services incorporates three components to achieving this goal.

  1. Site Evaluation: Getting a road map for where you are and what areas need to be addressed. All of the areas listed in the Tree & Shrub Report Form are reviewed in this visit.
  2. Executing a Work Plan: Addressing the areas identified in the Site Evaluation.
  3. Monitoring Visits: Truly the backbone to keeping a healthy landscape over any extended timeframe. This is where we visit the site multiple times throughout the growing season to check on all aspects of the landscape: disease outbreaks, watering practices, nutrient deficiencies, any unnecessary stresses put on the plants, etc.

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